Sunday, March 2, 2008

Introduction to BeingMY.....3rd Edition

My earlier experiences have taught me a lesson. If you are to remain 'permanent' on Blogger, open up a Google account!

Thus my latest migration is to a new site called Being My....3rd Ed.

I just hope that with this new arrangement, I will have no more problems with signing in to Blogger Dashboard and to carrying on with the normal activities of blogging.

Just late last month, when I decided on this migration, I instantly got on with a new template and customising features to enable me to blog in double time.

Thus on the first available opportunity I had after so many weeks of inactivity, I decided to round up my tribute to Othman Borhan. I therefore highlighted his paintings that I bumped into during my last visit to Kuching, which was over the Chinese New Year holidays.

I am now ready , this 2008 to continue with blogging my life story.